We don’t give our kids electronics when we travel …

We don’t give our kids electronics when we travel and sometimes I wonder what we are thinking.

I didn’t watch movies or have fancy electronics in the car when I was a kid. It was okay. I also didn’t have a car seat so I am not sure that the “good ole days” philosophy is really the way to go.

In any case, our Sprinter trip timer total from last summer was over 190 hours. That is 190 hours of sitting in a van. I find that number a bit alarming. At the very least, it can’t be healthy.

They also don’t sleep in the car. Their refusal to sleep in the car may be an entirely different blog someday.

Two days ago we drove a mere 600 miles from Corvallis, Oregon to Vernon, BC. We left in the dark and we arrived in the dark. They didn’t sleep.

What did they do?

  • Talked
  • Asked questions
  • Argued
  • Ate snacks
  • Kicked my seat
  • Sang songs
  • Argued
  • Invented a new version of the “Florida or Bust” signs that I used to see in car window’s on I-75 South Bound during spring break. HB used most of a pad of sticky notes writing messages to passing cars. The notes included “Merry Christmas”, “Big White, here we come”, “We the North”, and “I love adventure.” The notes are still there.
  • Engineered a pulley system to lift HB’s “toy box” from the floor to his lap. Grace was involved in pulling the rope when he needed both hands to secure the box on his lap
  • Reviewed their license plate list from last summer. (60 license plates, spanning 4 countries)
  • Ate snacks
  • Listened to audiobooks
  • Talked
HB’s window notes! Sprinter DIY. #vanlife
The pulley system. Sprinter DIY. #vanlife

It is unlikely that there was a consecutive sixty seconds of silence at any point during that 600 miles. There may have not even been thirty seconds of silence. At least they still talk to us I guess. Until they find out that other cars have DVD players, I think we will continue to travel the more old fashioned way.

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