Not your average dresser.

We tried suitcases, duffel bags, and plastic tubs. None of these solved our family of four’s clothing organization problem.

Along with our second van came a second chance to improve our clothing work flow. The priority was easy clothing access for two children and two adults.
CD came up with a plan and put it into action. It worked! I couldn’t be happier.

It is simple. The bed has a hinge and folds up from the front. Two pieces of wood hold it in place. We each have a sturdy cloth basket full of clothes. Additional space is filled by the curtains to one end and a dirty clothes box to the other. Even the kids can lift the bed up to reach inside. I stand in front of the seat and prop the bed up until everyone is dressed and ready for the day. This was a simple change that made a huge difference in our lives!

Sprinter DIY. The bed is folded up and held up with wood. We each have a red bin for clothes. It is amazing!
Sprinter DIY

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