Fall Updates and News!

These are unusual times. We are working from home, doing school at home, and more grateful than ever to have our Sprinter. Two weeks ago, we left the smoky air of Oregon, drove to Colorado, and spent a week of work and school there. It was so much better than staying home, inside, with the windows closed. I could not have been more grateful for the opportunity to breath fresh air and visit family.

The sky in Oregon
The sky in Colorado

Being in the middle of a pandemic has pretty much committed me to long term Sprinter van ownership. With that being said, we purchased a 4 x 4 Sprinter. We will be ready for anything, even skiing in all kinds of conditions!

We will pick it up in a couple of weeks and then we will temporarily be the family with two Sprinters in the driveway. CD has tons of new ideas regarding the camping conversion. Flare sides will be in our future. Another MaaxAir fan is on the list. Will our beds move and change? Where will CD put the sink that he has wanted for so long?

It is all yet to be determined so stay tuned! Our family of 4 is starting a van conversion and I hope we are up for it! More to come …

This post was writte in September and I am just publishing it. Here is our new 4×4. If you need us during the next weeks or so, you know where to find us! Stay tuned … !

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