Social distancing and disconnecting.

The insulation is mostly installed but the paneling has not been put back. It was March 2020 and we were early in our time of social distancing.

I requested the day off. The kids are out of school and today is “Thrifty Thursday” at our nearest ski area. I really needed to clear my mind and couldn’t think of a better way than heading over the pass and making some turns.

I am happy to report that despite the exposed insulation and last minute packing, the Sprinter’s first ski trip was a huge success!

Social distancing via Sprinter

Not only do we use the Sprinter as a dressing room for changing our clothes but we also use it as a gym for stretching, a cafeteria for snacking, a restroom for washing our hands, a laundromat for drying our gloves, and an apres ski lodge for putting up our feet.

Bluebird days with spring snow conditions are some of my favorite days. Today did not disappoint!

For five hours, I didn’t have a cell signal. I didn’t get phone calls, emails, or see the news. As a health care provider, I feel that we acted responsibly in the face of the Covid-19.

This was social distancing at its best! We didn’t get closer than six feet to anyone; we wore PPE (gloves and googles as eye shields) the entire time! My kids washed their hands like they have a million times before and they didn’t mention scary rumors from school or tales of a virus.

I wish them clear minds and minds that are free from fear and anxiety that is even difficult for adults to process.

I hope our next few weeks are filled more Sprinter assisted social distancing.

We made it! Hoo Doo, Oregon. – and a great parking spot! Sprinter DIY
The insulation progress. Sprinter DIY
Spring conditions at Hoo Doo. A bluebird day.